Friday, April 22, 2011

Cloud Computing

Now a Days Cloud Computing is the mostly used word in the IT field. After all what is Cloud Computing?. Here is the answer.

In Simple words Cloud computing is to connect to the network from anywheere in the world and from any media of connecting, it can be computer, Laptop, smart phone .

Cloud computing Make it easy to access, edit and share Office documents, presentations and spreadsheets from the PC, phone. Ensure reliability and connectivity for all users - from colleagues located around the world, to temporary employees to people from a new acquisition. With no  extra server purchases.

With the help of Cloud copmputing you can Connect with colleagues and engage customers in real-time.
Employees on the move can easily stay in touch with presence, instant messaging (IM), and PC-to-PC audio and video calling with Office.

There are lots of other benifites of Cloud computing. Today i am going to give you some idea on Microsoft office 365 product that how it can help you in your day to day business.


1. Work with what you know : The familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook and Office applications is now  Extended online with Office 365 for Enterprises. Meaning no learning curve plus now online productivity features for your employees.

2. Enabiling knowledge sharing quickly:  management system can help employees easily share best practices and expertise with blogs, wikis, search, surveys and RSS feeds. Users can also easily create and maintain collaborative workspaces using meeting and  team site templetes.

3. Sharing Data Realibility:  All documents and files saved online are hosted on Microsoft servers maintained by our own trained experts. Patches and security updates are supplied in real time, ensuring that users always work on the latest, most up-to-date version of application.

4. Realtime meeting without travelYou can connect to the office any time  by Windows live meeting. This can enable you to sharing application and desktop also supports multiple  voice and video calliing.

5. Increased e-mail realibilty and secirutyMoving to the cloud helps your IT team provide multiple filters and virus-scanning engines using Microsoft Forefront Online Protection to protect from spam, viruses and phishing scams. A central administration console helps manage subscriptions, provision users, reset passwords, and configure services from any location with Internet access.

6. Online Migration:  With Exchange Online, users can acess their familiar Outlook account online without needing a VPN connection. You can migrate all mailbox content including e-mail, calendar items, contacts, and tasks. Mobile access to Exchange Online is available from all email-ready phones, spanning Windows Phone,and Blackberry devices. Choose between on-premises and online mailboxes depending on what user wants.
the iPhone, Android, Palm, Nokia,

There are other cloud computing application is also very famous and that is Google Apps.
I will share Google Apps in near time with you.


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